Do you remember your first sunburn? The burning? The oozing blisters? The itching? The peeling, which went on for days? How uncomfortable it was? There is no need to sunburn anymore. With skin cancers on the rise, it is time to save your skin and combat the risk of skin cancer with our ShadeSuits premium full-body swimwear with UPF 50+ Sun Protection as it can be worn anywhere, any time.

ShadeSuits’ story began with a mother trying to protect her water-loving daughter who has albinism and who wanted the freedom to play at the pool and beach for hours. Those with fair skin or albinism are especially vulnerable to sun damage, however all skin types are susceptible to skin cancer and the damages caused by sun exposure. Plus, there are many people with allergies or sensitivities to the sun. Now, with Shadesuits, they can have the freedom to enjoy the outdoors with less worry of getting sunburned.

ShadeSuits’ two-piece swimwear makes them easy- on/easy-off, with fun colors and styles to mix and match. The rash guards — consisting of a zippered cardigan, half-zip, and shoulder-zip style — all have thumbhole cuffs and are loved by kids. No more wrangling to try to get them over their head. Many people think about the upper body but do not think about their legs, which are just as important. The leggings keep their legs from getting sunburned. In addition to helping protect children from harmful UV rays, wearing them helps prevent abrasions and painful stings from jellyfish. Parents can relax and save money with less sunscreen. The two bonuses parents love is ShadeSuits’ versatility to be worn as active wear and that they can easily spot their kids in the pool. ShadeSuits can be worn swimming, surfing, SUPing, skating, hiking, biking, dancing, yoga, under ski clothes — you name it. You will also enjoy how quickly they dry. Remember, cloudy days are just as important as sunny days. When a wetsuit is too much and a swimsuit is too little, a ShadeSuit is just right!

Brought to you by a mother-and-daughter duo, our mix-and-match UPF 50+ full-body swimwear is designed to effortlessly move you from sun to surf, water to land, outdoor to indoor. Less worry about sunscreen, more time to have fun!

ShadeSuits is also a proud supporter of NOAH, the National Organization for Albinism and Hypopigmentation, which provides education, awareness, and support for people with albinism as well as to their families. For every purchase you make, ShadeSuits is dedicating 1% of net profits to help support NOAH’s mission, and you are also supporting a product made in the USA.