We all want to keep our kids out of harm’s way. Seems like a no-brainer, doesn’t it? Yet we also know that trying to protect them isn’t always easy. Many times we’re met with pushback, tantrums, and downright stubbornness. A prime example is when trying to protect children from sunburns. Parents purchase sunscreens, only to have to chase their kids down to apply it. How many times have you heard, “I don’t like the smell!” or “It feels slimy!” If you’re like me, it was such a hassle to apply the sunscreen on my child, that I tended to put off reapplying it. Who wants to go through that again? But if you don’t, your child may end up sunburned and you, unfortunately, feel guilty.

The Inspiration Behind ShadeSuits

smiling mother and daughter sitting back to backRaising a child with albinism has many challenges. One incredibly important one is protecting them from the sun, as they are most vulnerable from having little to no skin pigment or melanin. In learning why and how important it was to protect my daughter from UV rays, I also became educated in why EVERYONE, not just light-skinned people, need to protect themselves. Even those with dark skin or a lot of melanin are susceptible to skin cancer and the ravaging scars the sun can leave as we age. Most notably, of course, is the fact that it can leave skin weathered-looking, leathery, spotted, and/or prematurely wrinkled. Also with age comes the real scare of literally having pieces of your skin cut out.

The Skin Cancer Foundation states: “Skin damage builds up over time starting with your very first sunburn. The more you burn, the greater your risk of skin cancer. Subsequent UV damage can occur even when there is no obvious burn.” It’s obvious we want to avoid sunburn at all costs. This knowledge, along with a desire to keep my daughter safe, is why I was inspired to start ShadeSuits.

ShadeSuits Are a Parent’s Dream Come True

ShadeSuits are UPF 50+ two-piece full-body swimwear that are multifunctional and easy-on/easy-off. The added bonus is that because of our brightly-colored designs, parents can more easily spot their child in the pool or on the beach. You’ll also appreciate the attention to detail in our UV protective clothing design. ShadeSuits’ rash guards have zippers, making them simpler to get on and off. Our swim leggings are made to mix-and-match. Not only can our chlorine-resistant pieces be worn as swimwear, but they can be worn as activewear. Parents get double-duty out of them! Children love our colorful collection of fresh fun prints and solids, making them eager to wear ShadeSuits.

Sustainable Sun Protection

At ShadeSuits we are also very concerned about the environment. This is why our new Spring/Summer 2021 collection will have products made with Repreve polyester, a fabric made from recycled water bottles. It is a win-win! Not only are we protecting our children’s skin but we can protect the reefs and waterways from sunscreen chemicals washing off and polluting and harming the environment.

Start protecting your family’s skin today. It couldn’t be easier! Do it for yourself, your children, and future generations. Check out ShadeSuits’ full line of thoughtfully designed products on our website.